Pycon Limerick, 29th February 2020

We're pleased to host the 2nd annual Python conference in Limerick.

Strand hotel LimerickIt is a one day, multi track event at the strand hotel.

Our goal is to help pythonistas from the west meet each other, and share knowledge experience and network

We hope to see you from Cork, Galway, of course Limerick and general area. 

Call for Proposals

If you want to share your thoughts with the delegates, please fill our CFP form

Call for Sponsors

We offer a simple sponsorship structure

We have booked the entire 6th floor of the hotel, you can setup a booth in this lobby to meet the delegate for as little as 650 €uros

Send us an email to [email protected] if you are interested in supporting this event


Please read the terms and conditions and the code of conduct