PyCon Ireland 2015 Speakers

Niamh Breslin

VP Business Development, TCBS Division, IDA Ireland

Niamh qualified with a degree in Computational Linguistics before working with Lionbridge Technologies. She has over 9 years experience working with tech multinationals through her role in IDA Ireland, and most recently has been focused on helping European high growth startups scale internationally. Niamh has helped over 30 of these companies with their international planning, location research and initial setups in Ireland.

An active member of the startup community in Europe, Niamh has mentored in a number of incubators and at events, including the world’s first tech accelerator for innovative eye related products, EyeFocus Accelerator in Berlin. She has a strong focus on business development, marketing and community building.

Juliana Arrighi

Technical Trainer at New Relic and a PyLadies organiser in Portland, USA.

Juliana Arrighi is a Technical Trainer at New Relic and a PyLadies organiser in Portland, USA, who delights in developing learning spaces for a variety of learners. Between training new employees and leading Python workshops for new coders, she is always on the lookout for ways to help others successfully navigate learning new tech.

Naomi Ceder

Pythonista, teacher, intersectional trans feminist, PSF Board member (surprised by all 4)

Naomi Ceder has been coding in and teaching Python since 2001. She is the author of the Quick Python Book, 2nd ed from Manning, She has been involved in PyCon US for a number of years, originating the poster session, the education summit, and the intro to sprinting workshops, and has volunteered for EuroPython and PyCon UK. She is also the co-founder of Trans*Code, a hackday and education event focussing on the transgender community. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Python Software Foundation.

Alastair McKinley

"Software engineering manager at Analytics Engines. I am responsible for initial customer engagement including profiling and system/application diagnostics, customer solution architecture as well as internal product development on Analytics Engines Big Data Stack tools.

Areas of Expertise:
- Algorithm design and implementation
- Software profiling and code optimisation
- High performance system architecture including database and query design
- Parallel computing technologies (OpenMP/MPI/SIMD/pthreads/Intel Intrinsics)
- Heterogeneous acceleration technologies (GPGPU,Xeon Phi,FPGA)
- High performance computing
- Software development in C/C++/R/Python/Fortran/Java/C#
- Workflow automation including code generation (including parser development with LALR parsers GOLD and Lemon)"

Allen Thomas Varghese

Technology Generalist

IT professional with 6 years of industry experience and 15 years of self-taught programming in web, mobile and basic animation. Keen interest in python, data science and machine learning.

Anna Ossowski

@djangocon co-organizer, @PyLadiesRemote group leader, @thepsf board member, @djangoproject grants chair. Passionate about diversity & community outreach.

"Anna works for Eldarion, helping them with community management and talent development. She co-organized the Django Girls Budapest and PyCon workshops, runs the "Your Django Story" interview series on the Django Girls blog, and is the group leader of the PyLadies Remote group. Anna is also the chair of the Django Software Foundation grants committee, and recently became a director of the Python Software Foundation. She is very passionate about diversity and community outreach and wants to encourage more women to learn programming because it's awesome!“

Bargava Raman Subramanian

"Bargava Subramanian is a Senior Data Scientist at Cisco Systems, India. He has a Masters in Systems/Statistics from University of Maryland, College Park, USA. He has over 12 years of experience in the field of business data analytics.

Raghotham. S is a full-stack developer at RedMart. He has a Masters in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India. He has over 5 years of experience. He has been instrumental in architecting an analytics platform for a wearable devices company(IoT).

Bence Faludi

Data & Applied Scientist @Microsoft, working on @Wunderlist

Claudiu Popa

PyLint maintainer

I'm an open source enthusiast coming from Romania. Lead maintainer of the Pylint project and on my way to becoming a CPython core contributor someday, I'm also interested in language design, interpreters, static analysis and how languages work under the hood, as well as in building a community around a technology, being the founder of the biggest romanian Python group, RoPython.

Conor Duke

building narratives which resonate

Conor Lynch

PhD Fellow at Earth Institute UCD

I started my professional career as a civil engineer. I completed a MSc. in applied geographical information systems (GIS) at Kingston University London and worked with Mallon Technology Ltd. I am just finishing a PhD with UCD that combines behavioural economics and machine learning techniques to identify Irish farmers who plant forests. My main interest is using python code and high performance computers to investigate complex patterns in human behaviour that are driven by a multitude of factors.

Damian Gordon

Lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology.

I love #Python and #ShakespeareProgrammingLanguage, in the past worked as a Developer, Analyst, Team Lead, and IT Consultant. Am developing a free on-line Python programming course @

Daniele Procida

David Brodigan

Data Scientist at Swrve

"- Currently Data Scientist at Swrve a mobile marketing automation company based in Dublin

- Prior to that : Games analyst at Popcap, Jolt

- Prior to that: Signal detection research in gravitational astrophysics"

David Mcilwee

Team lead with Bank of America Merrill Lynch

David Morrisroe

I work as a data analyst for a Irish tech company. My background is biotechnology and I have a post grad in data analytics.

Deirdre Lee

Web & Social Researcher: Open Government, Open Data, eParticipation, Policy-modelling

Eoin Brazil

"Eoin works at MongoDB working with clients using MongoDB helping to guide and troubleshoot problems as well as providing architectural recommendations. He previously worked in research commercialisation and led teams in TSSG (mobile services) and ICHEC (HPC/parallel programming) focused on commercial consultancy projects. He spent almost a decade as a researcher in interaction design. He has given talks on topics from machine learning to behaviour design to mobile services and HPC.

Eoin holds a BSc in Computer Systems from UL, a PGDip in Technology Commercialisation from NUIG as well as a MSc and a PhD in Computer Science from UL."

Grazia D’Aversa

Software engineer at Aol Ireland

My name is Grazia D’Aversa and I am a software engineer for the Adtech Data team at Aol Ireland

About two years ago I decided to learn python and I then joined the Pyladies Dublin group on the day this was created.

Since then I started to adopt python at work especially to carry out tasks for data analysis and data comparison.

Hicham Rifai

I am PhD student at Dublin Institute of Technology and member of the tPOT group in Dublin institute of technology. I am interested in data analysis using python, machine learning and process analytical technology.

Johannes Ahlmann

"- 35 years old German living in Cork, Master in Computer Science, University of Karlsruhe (Cryptography, Robotics, Compiler Construction)
- My ""passion"" is functional programming (in particular haskell)
- I have been programming in python since about 2002, and have used it for many personal and semi-public projects (NLTK, django, ...)"

Jonathan Frawley

Software Engineer, PageFair

Juliana Arrighi

Technical Trainer at New Relic and a PyLadies organiser in Portland, USA.

Juliana Arrighi is a Technical Trainer at New Relic and a PyLadies organiser in Portland, USA, who delights in developing learning spaces for a variety of learners. Between training new employees and leading Python workshops for new coders, she is always on the lookout for ways to help others successfully navigate learning new tech.

Kevin O'Brien

Science , Arts / Theatre / Film, Interested in Environment & Wildlife. Eminent Wodehouse Scholar. Dublin R co-organizer. Stats/Maths/tech/etc at new a/c

"I am co-organizer of Dublin R.

I am a university teaching fellow.

On an occasional basis, I teach Python programming"

Larry Hastings

Larry is a sixty-meter tall humanoid robot. Rumor has it that tank rounds and rockets have no effect on his heavily armored outer shell.

Leonardo Giordani

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

Mike McKerns

Mike has been a research scientist at Caltech since 2002, and is co-founder of the UQ Foundation, a non-profit for the advancement of predictive science. Mike is the author several python packages, including mystic (highly-constrained non-convex optimization and uncertainty quantification), pathos (parallel graph management and execution in heterogeneous computing), and dill (serialize all of python). His software is the backbone of several research projects on risk analysis and predictive science, and is leveraged by several third-party packages in machine learning and parallel computing. He has over fifteen years of teaching experience, and has given hundreds of conference and workshop presentations.

Na'Tosha Bard

Engineering Tools Lead

Na'Tosha Bard is the Lead Build & Infrastructure Developer at Unity Technologies, an industry-leading company that develops a multi-platform game engine and content creation tool used millions of times every month by several hundred thousand developers around the world. She started as the company's first dedicated build engineer in 2010 and now leads a team of Build & Infrastructure Developers responsible for a wide range of tasks ensuring, among other things, the productivity of the development and quality assurance teams within Unity. She has been an avid Linux user for over 10 years and is a strong believer in open­-source software. In her role as Lead Build & Infrastructure Developer at Unity Technologies, she makes heavy use of open-­source solutions and has a history of contributing to various open-source software projects. She spends her spare time blogging and speaking about various technical topics related to software development, games, and gender issues in technology.

Niall O'Connor

Vice President, Bank of America Merrill lynch

Nicolas Laurance

Technical consultant

Nicolas' been playing with code in general for more than 3 decades, and with Python in particular since the last century. He's on a a never-ending journey into learning and discovering the python ecosystem.

Pat Claffey

Paul James Barry

3rd Level Educator, Technical Author, Software Developer - Author of (among other things) Head First Python

Paul Logston

After working and teaching in Emergency Medical Services, Paul Logston pursued Python.

Paul O'Grady

Peadar Coyle

PyData lover and Maths geek

I'm a Data Scientist with a strong Mathematical and Scientific Programming background. I currently work on Energy Analysis projects at Vodafone. My intellectual background includes a Masters in Mathematics. I'm an open source advocate, contributor and a regular speaker on statistical topics at data analytics events including PyCon Italia and PyData Berlin.

Pierre Denis

"I *love* Python. Since 1998.

I am working as software engineer at n-Side, a great company that brings optimisation methods to industry. My previous job (15 years) was in Spacebel, another great company developing software for satellites.

I have initiated three Python open-source projects:
* UFOPAX: a generic engine for building and exploring text-oriented virtual universes (with wxPython GUI)
* Unum: a system to define units and calculate with true quantities
* Lea: a module handling discrete probability distributions

I am interested in number theory. I'm trying to prove the twin primes conjecture.

I speak English and French (native). I live in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium."

Python Ireland

Python Ireland is a user-group for the Python language. This feed is for notification of upcoming events. IRC:

Ruairi Fahy

Software developer at Scrapinghub writing open source tools to help make extracting data from the web quicker and easier.

Steve Holden

Web technologist, instructor, mentor, consultant, speaker and conference producer. Former Python Software Foundation board member and chairman.

Stéphane Wirtel

Freelance and Belgian software hacker, dad. Python, Erlang/Elixir & OpenERP expert. @ThePSF Fellow, EuroPython Society

Tomasz Czyż

Pythonista for over 10 years

I'm using Linux and Python for over 10 years. I like to automate
workflows, build tools and applications.

I co-founded MonitOwl [] (monitoring solution for DevOps,
written in python mostly).

I'm DevOps oriented on software delivery pipelines using lean and agile
processes (everything from building, QA/testing, deplyment, configuration,
monitoring, creating scalable infrastructres).

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