What your talk could be about ?

Sometimes you think giving a talk back to the community would be a good idea, but you need a little inspiration to find something to talk about ? Here is a list of subject that could be interesting. Contact us if you want to add your ideas there. 

Talks for our monthly meetups usually come in the 30 minutes format plus a short Q&A session. You can of course extend up to 45 minutes if you feel like it. Talks can be about a variety of subjects:

  • A personal hobby you achieved with python.
  • A college/student project assignment you found interesting
  • A library you've used and found useful, you want to share your experience.
  • A particular problem that you solved using our favourite language.
  • An advanced, deep insight into a particular aspect of the language.
  • A library you wrote and want to present to the community.
  • An algorithm you want to explain using python.
  • A project your company has opensourced
  • ....

We need talks for an audience of all levels. If you have a talk for beginners it's fantastic, if you have something for experts we'd love to hear about it.

Some ideas

Tools to check your python at CI, like interrogate, mypy, black, ...

Ancillary tooling of SQLAlchemy projects, sqltap, dogpile, elixir ...

The SQLAlchemy Mapper life cycle, flush, refresh, merge

Make your application extendable with a plugin mechanism and tools like stevedore or pluggy

Deploy python on the cloud, Gengine, lambdas, heroku apps

App configuration management with Configparser, dynaconf or pydantic

Build packages from code with tools like pants or pex

Manage your environment virtualenv, pyenv, poetry

Python in the browser with pyodide

Caching mechanism from functools to memcache,invalidation strategies

Performance tuning, profiling, tools to monitor performances and memory

Quick class creation with dataclasses, attrs or pydantic models

The python family, Cython, Pypy, Jython...

Writing extensions for python with C, C++, rust ...

Writing your first unit tests, unit test, pytest, coverage ...

Write static websites with python tools like pelican, hyde or other

Generate up-to-date documentation with sphinx

Fine tune your docker containers for python runtime

Python for IoT, micropython, circuitpython

Python for devops, salt extensions, ansible extensions

Python UI for the desktop, tkinter or qt

A Simple REST endpoint using flask / django / fastapi

Compare some coding patterns between python and another language (Rust, java, .net ...)

Write a game in python

This list is only intended to trigger inspiration, if you like a subject you can resize it, make it smaller or bigger, or bring something entirely different.