PyConIE 2024 - Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid please complete the following form

Terms and Conditions:

You may submit a request for financial aid to attend the PyCon Ireland conference.

It can take the form of a free ticket and/or total or partial refund of your travel and accommodation expenses.

Python Ireland Developers ltd has a limited budget and a committee will approve globally, partially or not at all your request. Decisions are made by a committee chaired by at least one director and its decision is final, and cannot be appealed. The decision doesn’t have to be motivated.

If you’re successful in your application you’ll be notified of the decision as soon as it’s made. The decision will specify a maximum amount of refund, and under no circumstances will Python Ireland Developers refund more than that amount even if you had to spend more than the allowance.

If you’ve been granted a free ticket, you’ll receive it before the event.

If you’ve been granted an allowance for travel and/or accommodations, you’ll need to buy them yourself first.

To be refunded of your approved allowance, you’ll need the following:

  • Having attended the conference, make sure you’ve been registered at the desk
  • Provide receipt for travel and/or accommodation
  • Provide your full name and address, as stated on your bank account
  • Provide a full IBAN.

Complete file must be emailed to [email protected] no later than 30 days after the conference.

Incomplete submission will be ignored, and Python Ireland Developers will not send reminders.

Late submissions for refund will be definitively discarded.

If you were granted financial aid and did not attend the conference, you will not be considered for financial aid the next year unless you notified Python Ireland Developers ltd at least 7 days before the conference started, or can justify a case of absolute necessity in the following 30 days.