The Call for Proposals is OPEN! until August 5th

Who Should Submit a Talk?

Whether you're a Python novice or a seasoned pro, a first-time speaker or a conference veteran, we want your contribution! PyCon Ireland is the perfect platform to share your knowledge, inspire others, and be part of our vibrant community.

What Kinds of Talks Are We Looking For?

We are eager to hear about your Python discoveries and creations. The topic of your talk is only limited by your imagination and expertise. To help get you started, here are some themes that we are particularly interested in:

I. Python Language and Ecosystem

  • In-depth Patterns and Algorithms: Explore the nuances of the standard library and beyond.
  • Library Functionality: Share your experiences in using and extending cutting-edge libraries.
  • Open Source Contributions: Showcase your own open-source Python projects.
  • Testing, Deployment, and Telemetry: Best practices and innovative approaches.
  • Python in the Cloud: Serverless computing, Infrastructure as Code (IAC), and more.
  • Architecting Solutions: Effective strategies for building robust Python applications.
  • Key Topic Areas: Security, web applications, data persistence, and more.
  • Scientific Computing and AI: Insights into using Python for complex computations and artificial intelligence.
  • Python and Hardware: IoT projects, edge computing, and hardware integrations.

II. Python Use Cases

  • Solving Tough Problems: How Python has helped tackle difficult challenges in business, academia, or beyond.
  • Why Python?: Exploring the reasons behind choosing Python for your projects.
  • Open Sourcing Your Work: The journey and benefits of making your Python code available to the community.
  • Academic Applications: Python in bioinformatics, geospatial processing, physics, engineering, and more.
  • Business Applications: Use cases in supply chain management, manufacturing, financial services, etc.
  • Hobby Projects: Stories of personal projects that grew into something bigger.
  • Education: Python in teaching and learning environments.
  • Automation: Using Python to automate repetitive and mundane tasks.


PyCon Ireland is a community-run event, organized entirely by volunteers. To maintain the integrity and inclusivity of our conference, we ask that all speakers, like organizers, purchase a ticket. However, we understand that this may be a barrier for some, so we offer financial aid on a per-request basis to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.

We look forward to your submissions and can't wait to see the incredible talks you'll bring to PyCon Ireland 2024!