Python Ireland is the Irish organisation representing the various chapters of Python users across Ireland. We organise meet ups and events throughout Ireland for software developers, students, academics and anyone who wants to learn the language. One of our aims is to help grow and diversify the Python community in Ireland. We also develop and foster links with other Python based communities overseas.

What is Python?

Python is an open source, object orientated language that has grown in popularity due to its readable nature, coupled with its powerful performance. The language sprung into life in the late 80s as the brain child of Guido Van Rossum. He is responsible for guiding the direction of Python and is affectionately referred to as BDFL within the Python community. The name Python was inspired from Monty Python and if you stick around long enough you will spot hidden references throughout the language.

The use of Python has grown hugely in the recent years. It is used in the production of many different types of applications. For a list of the typical uses of Python check out this page on

Upcoming meetups

Python Ireland December meetup

Date: Wednesday December 10 Time: 18:30 GMT


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Python Ireland Jan meetup

Date: Wednesday January 14 Time: 18:30 GMT

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Python Ireland meetup

Date: Wednesday February 11 Time: 18:30 GMT

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