Python Ireland Talks - November 2012 @ Engine Yard

Nov. 14, 2012, 7 p.m.

Ulrich will be giving us a talk on "DevOps 101 with Python" , and it will be followed by lightning talks.

It's free and all levels are welcome.

Thank you to Eamon and Engine Yard for hosting our event.

Devops 101 with Python (Ulrich Dangel)


Vertical scaling, an increasing Server to Sysadmin ratio and more and more complex system started the DevOps movement to bridge the gap between Developers and Operations. DevOps is about communication, automation and repeatability. DevOps is about combining two typically separated departments to develop and provide stable and scalable applications even in a fast-paced environment. DevOps is about providing an agile development environment while still meeting the standard.

This talk will give an introduction into DevOps, introduce important concepts for developers as well as sysadmins and highlight different tools to simplify different aspects of typical deployment issues like repeatability or server orchestration with a special focus on Python based tools.


2nd Floor, 35 Barrow St., Dublin 4 (Street view: )


Vicky Lee - 086 150 2003