Python Ireland Sprint (20th/21st June 2015)

On a summer weekend in June what better way to spend it than getting together and sprinting towards a common goal of community contribution. Given how rare our summer weekends are, we were impressed that so many not sun worshippers turned up to get involved in our first Python Ireland Sprint. The sprint was held in the lovely central offices of Brightwater, who were our generous sponsors for the weekend.

The aim of the weekend was to fork the Python India version of Python Express. This is a an information sharing platform that helps connect trainers, workshop givers and organisations together, thus filling a much needed gap in communications within the community. A big thanks to the guys Haris and Anand, without whom we would not have the original Python Express platform to work from.

Gerry's talk

The morning started with (an awesome breakfast and) a great introduction about Github and how to commit to open sources projects given by our very own, Gerry Boland.

After this introduction we continued with the process of getting set up and forking branches of the Python Express from the Python Ireland. The was definitely a learning process for most people. Most people were up and running by around lunch time and were rewarded with copious amounts of pizza(the Dublin developer staple).

After lunch people got working on the "issues" with renewed vigour. We set up a a Kanban style board so people could easily track progress of issues throughout the weekend. Once we got through the first set of issues that the organisers "brainstormed", the participants started to submit issues they discovered. The board soon started to fill up with these newly created issues.

By around 6pm the final rays of the day beckoned and we closed up shop in favour of a local beer garden. 

Sunday began (a little later than Saturday) with another delicious breakfast of pastries, fruit and coffee. People rolled in and immediately set to work on the remaining issues. This work continue solidly until Brightwater delivered with a great lunch consisting of various Thai meals (mmmmm).

After lunch the organisers' inboxes were filling up with pull requests. Code reviews took place and participants learned about merge conflicts ;-) . The Kanban board started to look distinctly lopsided with the vast majority of issues now lying in the land of "completed".

As the day drew to a close it was hard to believe how fast the time went. People were tired but happy and many now have their names listed as Python Ireland contributors on our site. 

A huge thanks to all who attended. Without you guys there would have been no sprint. We hope that you managed to learn some new skills while having fun and meeting new people. Another big thanks to Brightwater our sponsor and hosts for the weekend. You guys were great. With the support of Brightwater the sprint went smoothly and we were always close to a cup of coffee or a snack. 

If you think this sounded like a great weekend and you'd like to get involved in the next Sprint, please just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll let you know when the next sprint is planned.

Till the next time...

Group shot